Learn How to Type Fast!

Have difficulty finding keys with the insane Qwerty Layout?


E-Z Keyboard

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Shmagegi Inc Presents

Fight Back Against Slow Keyboards!

The Standard Qwerty computer Key board layout was designed on purpose to slow down typing (because the original manual typewriters jammed if you typed too fast.)

E-Z Keyboard is a standard PC keyboard that has the alphabet laid out in Alphabetical order. So it's especially great for kids, beginners and old people (otherwise known as Moms and Dads or people who've never typed before.) They'll love it because they'll learn how to type quickly when the keys are arranged in a logical order.


E-Z Keyboard is perfect for;

  • Non native typists of English (English version) or Hebrew (Hebrew version)

  • Kids (no more frustration finding the letters.)

  • Senior Citizens (who've never used computers before. They just want to learn how to type without confusing layouts.)

  • Beginners (so they can get up and running quickly)

  • E-Z Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that plugs in to your USB port so it can work side by side with your regular keyboard.

Order yours now for just $40.00

For a limited time Shipping is free.

E-Z Keyboard comes in 2 different wireless versions.

English version (ABC layout)



 Hebrew version (א-ב-ג layout)

Learn how to type Hebrew Keyboard






No need to struggle to find those mixed-up keys ever again!

Great for:

  • Beginners
  • Children or grandparents
  • Non-native typists of English or Hebrew
...or anyone confused by the standard layout
  • USB wireless keyboard;
    avoids tangled wires
  • Compatible with all computers
  • Great for laptops
Great gift idea!

Want to stay with your standard English keyboard for your primary typing but struggle with your Hebrew typing (or vice versa)? Just plug in the wireless USB connector and have a second keyboard up and running instantly!